What does IT to Business mean?

Hey everyone!


After years of working with organizations to improve their processes from primarily the business side of things, and working with IT folks to try to match the technology they could provide to the business, it occurred to me that maybe these two ‘sides’ should try to work together a little more.



Doing a little research, it appears more than one person has also had this thought. Just pick up virtually any magazine on technology and you will find conversations about the need for IT to align with business, or for the CIO to become more ‘strategic’ and provide ‘value’ to the organization.



These are great goals, but what do they mean? How does one do this? Where do you start? What do people really mean by “IT to Business Alignment”?



In starting this blog, I am hoping to begin a dialogue with those who have an interest in aligning IT and Business (IT2B); those who are looking to move their organization forward and to help it become more agile.



I have my thoughts on this, and will be sharing them with you in the future.  But for now, give me your thoughts on this. What do you think it means to “Align IT to Business”?



Talk to you soon!





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